1907 No Mint Mark Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief Pattern PCGS

1907 Saint Gaudens coinComing in at a cool $3.75M, this fantastic coin is barre none! Apparently lots of interest in this coin, regardless of price (well, according to these fantastic reviews anyways).

Best Review…

1 out of 5 stars Buyer Beware!
By Amazon Customer on July 12, 2014
Buyer Beware!
This coin does not contain chocolate!

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Unique awesome coffee (or whatever else) table – $100

Now at a new lower price!

This is like the Clarke Kent of coffee tables… it looks like a normal everyday no-big-deal table, but in an instant it can become something really freaking cool. It won’t stop bullets though, and it can’t fly or lift cars or anything… ok so maybe the Clarke Kent/Superman metaphor is a bit flawed but it’s still a fantastic coffee table.


Because it LIGHTS UP!

You could get it for your frat house, and be all like “Brah, check out this sweet freakin table” and your brahs would be all like “Brah?” and you would be all like “Brahmeisters….” and they would be all like “BRAH!!!!” and you would be the king Brah for scoring such an awesome table.

Or you could buy it for your gentleman’s club, and try it out at one of your Thursday evening scotch tastings, and when Bernard says “I say, that is a tad bright. Might we do something about that?” you could just click it off, cause you and Bernard are cool like that.

Or you could get it for your swanky post-contemporary modernistic condo and at your next fancy cocktail party your friends girlfriends friend who nobody really likes but she gets invited cause she “has good taste in things” will squeel and say “Oh my gaaawwd I love the way this amazing light up table thingy makes my acai-lychee martini light up! I simply MUST HAVE IT!” and you could explode your clothing off and shout “STFUGTFO THIS AWESOME TABLE IS MINE!!!” while you take a crap in her stupid drink and it would be ok cause no-one really likes her and it IS your table.

Or you could just get it and put it in your normal place, and your normal friends will say “Hey, that’s pretty cool.” and hi-fives will be had all around.

The table is made out of solid pine.
measures 35 inches by 30 1/2 inches by 18 inches high.
All the legs are internally re-enforced in two different places with angle brackets.

Am I the only one wondering what “STFUGTFO” means? I mean, I can figure out the S, T, F and U, and I can even figure something for the G, but I am stuck after that…sigh (I hate inside jokes)

Balloon Back Chair – miserable in current situation. Help!

I’m a gorgeous BALLOON BACK (open) ANTIQUE CHAIR. Unfortunately, my life, as it is now, is miserable. I’m spending it swathed in plastic & in a dark storage locker. Please help me to escape these horrid people who don’t have a use for me & finally, please, use me as a showpiece once more!

I’m scent free & in stellar shape. My seat lifts off easily, so feel free to recover it with your own favorite, tasteful fabric!

Height to top of seat – 17″
Height to top of chair back (at midpoint) – 32.5″
Seat front to back – 17″
Seat side to side (at the front) – 18″
Seat side to side (at the back) – 14″

A fine craftsman created me sometime after the year, 1830. It’s been quite a while since then so I don’t remember the date exactly, but suffice to say, I’m older than you.

I was initially produced for nobility where I proudly sidled up to a long walnut table or spent my time perched in the corner when I wasn’t needed, but from where I could still watch all the frolicking. From there I made my home in an Archbishop’s office, then a library, after that a milliner’s shop & eventually a brothel where I was delighted to witness countless nights of magnificent debauchery — all through the film of the lingerie draped over me. Until the raid, of course . . .

Then, I found myself on a long over-seas voyage where my main concern became seasickness. Not my own, of course, but of those who might barf all over me.

Amazingly enough, once in the New World, I was again deemed glorious & set up as a showpiece in a wealthy West Vancouver home. That lasted quite a while, but eventually, along came a fat interior designer who kept repeating that nasty word, “modern”. So I was sold & placed in a massage therapy room in a country club & once more draped in clothes. Oh! If only I could tell you the gossip I heard in there!

So here I sit, in the dark, waiting. Thank you for reading & I look forward to meeting you!

We got a cat…but I had no idea there were so many chairs in this situation, so sad.

Free Russian Girlfriend – Pick Up Only

Dear Reader,

I am giving away a 23 year old Russian girlfriend free of charge as long as she goes to a good home. I met her here last year, and since then she is well traveled with a few minor marks of wear and tear. I assure you that she’s been recently cleaned and does not come with any additional problems that would require external servicing.

So why am I giving my girlfriend away for free? Well reader, please let me tell you… I got into this relationship full of hopes and dreams which have been shattered by her dragging me across the globe to visit her family in Siberia. If you appreciate cold weather, shitting outside in -35 degrees and eating what can only be referred to as slop in a bowl then this is the girl for you.

Since our return from Siberia she’s been nagging and whining about me not cleaning up etc, when I tell her to get back in the kitchen she moans. Now I’m a fair man but come on… shes a RUSSIAN girlfriend and needs to know her place in western civilization. She just made me a bacon and egg sandwich and DEMANDED I put away the bacon. THE CHEEK OF IT!

So if you are looking for a demanding commie girlfriend, no major scars / blemishes, great English skills (disadvantage) then drop me a line and I’ll drop you a picture.

Many Thanks,


At least he is looking for a “good home”.

Free Tesla Coil – safe!

Free Tesla Coil, 2 years old, works great! I wouldn’t part with it, being an electronics enthusiast/aficianado and all around science nerd, but with the arrival of my first child, my wife fails to see reason and wants it OUT. Get it now before she freaks and trashes it like she did my vintage 80’s anime collection. Feel free to call at any time, cop sirens keep me up anyway. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx ask for Solomon.

Tesla Coil

With this guy’s track record of 80’s anime and a Tesla Coil (which I had to look up on wiki to see what it actually was), the theory has been proven that there is someone for everyone!

Big tall table and chairs, plus more chairs, wow chairs galore holy co

You can make this table twice as big as the picture, if you either hold it up next to a big mirror OR unfold the leafs, like magic. When it’s expanded, it’s huge. That’s what she said. Man, it would be awesome for a SuperBowl party, seriously, you could stack like ten cases of 24 and a keg and probably eight huge bowls of chips.

Or, use it in your ultra fancy dining room with real china and silverwear. But something tells me if you’re looking for free furniture that’s not your style. Fine, this table looks great with paper plates and condiment bowl (full of McDonald’s ketchup packets of course).

There are 7 chairs. The 8th is in our backyard rotting, so I’m pretty sure you don’t want it. But if you do … hell, the only person who won’t be happy about that is our cat.

The whole thing is tall, what I mean by that is if you’re short, you can walk right under it. Or, if you’re tall like me, you’ll run right into it.

Oh, and I have more extra chairs from another table. We’re keeping that table, but don’t need the chairs.

That’s the catch. If you want anything, you have to take it all. Like a spouse. Or that “girl” in Thailand.

Please come this weekend … come, look, take away.

TALL Table and Chairs

Ten Things to do with this free couch

Ten things to do with this free couchI’m moving in with my new girlfriend, and she’s been quite vocal on the disposition of my couch-it’s got to go.

So I’m offering this great, overstuffed, uber comfortable, perfectly ass-cradling, epic for beer/sports/ufc/xbox marathons, reclining couch for free, to the first person who contacts me to come and pick it up (must go before Saturday!)

Don’t need another couch you say? Sure you do!

1.Outside couch? On your porch? So what if it gets damp, or becomes a nest of squirrels, racoons, homeless derilects and other BC wildlife, it’s free! Make a profit, start a sideshow, a squirrel zoo perhaps?
2. Re-enact the opening credits of ‘Friends’ by taking my couch to a prominent Vancouver fountain (in front of the art gallery?), set up a table lamp, dance and cavort with five well dressed, supposedly bohemian friends, youtube the theme song-I think it was sung by ‘The rembrants’ or something…
3.Throw it off a bridge! Tape it, youtube it and it may go viral, or maybe just hang over the edge of the lions gate with your stoned firends and watch it bob merrily away down the georgia strait. ‘WHOOOAAAH’
4. Filming a porno? Disposable couch. Seriously, do you want to keep using the same one over and over?
5. Student film project?
6.Rig with explosives, drag out to the woods, and blow it up. C’mon rednecks, what else are you going to do tonight? It’s a TUESDAY.
7.Place in front of city hall or legislative building, Douse with kerosene, set on fire, and use for the focal point of a protest march or small scale riot. Make up your own witty protest slogan ‘We refuse to sit still on transit rate hikes’ or whatever, I don’t know, be creative.
8. Salvage it for parts, plenty of re-usable wood in the frame, besides, Heating fuel is expensive…Could strip the cove off to make a fancy cape or unforgettable playhouse for your children.
9. Strap it to the top of, or inside, your big ass cube van. All of a sudden, it goes from a questionable, rapist-y vehivle to a PARTY BUS! Be ‘that guy!’ at public events, open air concerts, fireworks shows, and any other place where people gather standing up. Make new friends, be the coolest guy in the room ‘Screw standing up, I’m going to go hangin out with the guy who brought the couch!’ Said the hottest girl at the festival of light.
10. Just throw it in the ****ing back alley and leave it there. That’s my go-to option.

Seriously though, if somebody picks up this couch, I’ll throw in a six pack. Combined with any of the prior ten options, that makes for a ready made night out. First come, first served.

11. Add a motor to make it into a motorized couch?
12. Use the cushions to stuff under your clothes to imitate Santa Claus for fun and profit?
13. Additional seating for Xmas dinner? (Hey, it beats the kids table)…

10 things to do with this couch

No More Erotic Services?

I was both appalled and dismayed when I read today in my local daily that craigslist has pulled the erotic services (recently renamed “adult services”). This was apparently in response to concern by US Attorneys General that craigslist was not doing enough to police the category from prostitution.

This kinda seems silly to me. Firstly, it is an “Adult Services” category. Now I don’t know about you, but I hate people who post in the wrong category (A collection of imitation Katanas should NOT be given to Babies or Children). Well, then would this not seem like the category to post in for such “services”. I mean, if they didn’t want a category for prostitution and such, maybe don’t make a category for it? I am not sure they can complain that they did not know people were posting ads selling sex for money, when they have a category for that very thing.

Secondly, we should be applauding the skills of these ladies (a handful of men and a few “otherwise”), who are “online” and keeping up with the latest marketing techniques. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them accept PayPal.

And lastly, by eliminating this category, we are merely driving them underground, to post in the “Strictly Platonic” category using coded phrases like “I love to WATCH MOVIES”, “looking for SOMETHING FUN to do”, “BORED at work”, and “HALF HOUR RATES available”.

The only saving grace of this article, is the fact that this seems to be in the US only. So to all you in the US who would still like to provide services, both erotic and adult, the advertising is free flowing in Canada, and judging by the length of the list on the Vancouver craigslist, quite prolific!

ON A SIDE NOTE, the newspaper running this story has a section afterwards for comments, this is my favourite…