Some new Professional Pictures of Portia

Portia in the MirrorYesterday we were fortunate enough to have a photo-shoot in our own home courtesy of Jessi from Pixelated Memories. It was a long session and Jessi managed to capture around 250 or more images.

Jessi sent over a few of the pictures that she had already post processed for us to have a look at, and this one is one of our favorites. We have a walk-through closet on the way to our en-suite that has mirrored doors, which is a magical place for a little 8-month old – she adores spending time there and playing with her reflection, so this makes an excellent place to take pictures. At just over 8 months, Portia has turned into a little busy bee that has learned to stand and will spend hours working her way around the furniture and anything she can lean against, as you can see from this picture.

We are super proud of our extremely happy little girl, although mummy and daddy to sometimes wish that she would crawl a little longer before taking her first steps, sigh…

Please visit Jessi’s blog to see more of Portia as well as the rest of her work. We would both strongly recommend contacting her if you would like to have pictures taken, she has a wonderful eye and a great way with the little ones.

And a quick plug for Jessi, if you like her work, fan her on Facebook, so you know where to look when you need a photographer…

Hilarious Baby Warning Labels

I happened upon this blog post with some hilarious baby warning labels such as this one on how to wash your baby. This one is particularly funny as I have to confess to thinking after certain events, how nice a hands-free baby washing method would be.

How not to wash your baby…

How not to wash your baby…

Bookmark them and read them when your baby is being rather trying to return you to your sanity.

Houdini Baby Proof Swaddler

Well, our little bundle of joy, as she has been getting older has become more and more adept at unswaddling herself from her regular receiving blanket swaddle. Then a few minutes later, she will be moving around her crib, propelled by her legs and in the process will wake herself up completely. Trouble with this is that Portia then battles to go back to sleep as with all the movement she has excited herself thoroughly.

I have been looking for a solution, and discovered the Woombie Baby Swaddler, so ordered one of these from Amazon today, as I noticed that it had free shipping, and with an added bonus because my mailing address is in Washington, and it ships from out of Washington State, there would be no state tax.

I particularly like the idea of this swaddler, when compared to other ones such as the Miracle Blanket, as it is made of a Lycra like material (similar to the material that athletes clothing is made from). Thus, when Portia is swaddled in this, she will still have freedom of movement and be able to move her hands around without them being restrained by her sides as they would be in the Miracle Blanket. To me this provides a natural resistance environment, not unlike what she would have experienced in the womb, working against this resistance as she tries to move would no doubt have a benefit on her muscle development too – I am sure?

Anyway, more about this once it arrives.

First Immunization

Showing off her jab wounds

Although she was traumatized with the jabs, she seems to be making the “peace sign”.

This morning Portia had her immunization at Fraser Valley Health. She did really well even as the needles went in, and then just started to sob uncontrollably. Poor poor little girl.

Fortunately she quickly forgot the moment and was soon smiling in the waiting room…well after a good feeding (that always makes me forget owies too). [Read more…]

Portia gets her big baby bed…

Portia has been sleeping in a Safety 1st Play Yard (by Dorel), however at the rate she is growing she is rapidly approaching the load-limit of the bassinet that accompanies the Play Yard. Also, the copy that we bought her has a miss-stitched seam on the bassinet, and Dorel have been horrible at replacing it, first telling us it would take six weeks, and now having a different story every time we call them, we are now at the point at which we have been asked to send in the original purchase receipt, so that they can “have that on file” when they eventually get around to replacing our Play Yard. Pathetic service – however more about that in another post. [Read more…]

Peaceful baby on a flight

Portia Sleeping in Denver Airport

Portia Sleeping in Denver Airport

We have just returned from Chicago for a family wedding, and I have to confess, I was really concerned about how Portia would cope with the flight, particularly the pressure changes. She is a really good baby, however, she is still very little and placing a baby in that environment for a long time must be stressful?

Turns out she is the best flier ever, falling asleep shortly after we buckled in and waking up only as we started to walk up the Jetway after the flight after landing in Chicago. As a precaution we did breastfeed her during the takeoff, to make sure that she could equalize the pressure, but during landing she was not even interested in a finger in her mouth, she was in such a deep sleep.

My only concern during a long flight with her would be de-hydration. Aircraft seems to have fairly dry air, and I think she may become dehydrated during the flight if she does not feed every few hours. Fortunately a flight to Chicago is still not too long at around 4 hours, however a trans-Atlantic flight may be a different story.

A night in Vancouver International

Last night we were due to fly to Chicago out of Vancouver on a red-eye leaving at 11:30. Of course, fate and a new baby conspired against us, and we arrived after the flight had closed. Fortunately we ran into a super helpful United employee, and he arranged for us to be on the next flight leaving at 6:30am this morning. We decided to spend the night in the airport, as we live more than an hour from the airport, and yesterday was the HSBC Festival Of Lights in Vancouver, so that would have made traffic incredibly congested, and with check in opening at 4:00am, there was hardly any point to driving back.

Portia Spending the night on mommy in Vancouver Airport

Portia Spending the night on mommy in Vancouver Airport

Sleeping in an airport with our new baby was challenging to us though, however after finding a nice long padded couch in the international arrivals hall where they had dimmed the lights, it was great, and Portia fell right asleep on her mommy’s tummy. Not such an easy sleep for her parents though, as you feel horribly exposed with a baby sleeping in a public place and are constantly aware – perhaps a bit of paranoia thrown in as well – that you may drift off and someone may take the baby.

Around 2am, a security guard at the airport woke us, and suggested that we move to the airport’s nursery. Now I never knew that Vancouver International had a nursery. It is a small room with a couple of cribs and most importantly you can lock the door and withe the cribs, you can get some sleep yourself, knowing that no-one can come in and that baby is safely contained in a crib.

I would strongly recommend that anyone with an infant having to spend time in YVR ask a security guard for access to the nursery.

Record Temperature in Vancouver Today

Today was hot! Several areas in the lower mainland have set new record temperatures according to the Candian Weather Office. Portia does not do hot, I have come to realize, which makes me wonder how babies from other climates where it is routinely hot, and there is little air-conditioning do? We have just moved from our small one bedroom 700 square foot apartment into a much larger 1200 square foot basement suite, and have been spending the last couple of days cleaning the place up and doing some final painting and minor renovations for the new tennant in our place.

According to the thermostat on the wall in our apartment, it has been consistently around 30C indoors. Every time I bring Portia in there, it takes all of 20 minutes and she is screaming at the top of her lungs, and I can tell she is super hot, she is just dripping wet, and really uncomfortable. As soon as I put her in her car seat and start my car, and the air-conditioner kicks in (my car has the worlds most powerful air-conditioner, a real plus in this weather), she falls asleep almost instantly. I was very concerned the first time I noticed just how hot and sweaty she became in such a short time, I was concerned that she could be getting de-hydrated, then I noticed that she was feeding every 20 minutes or less, and her diapers were just as wet as always. This made me realize that she had naturally adjusted her milk intake to cope with the fluid she was losing in the hot weather.

That said, I do think monitoring a babies temperature when she has to be in a hot weather environment is a very good thing, as dehydration can be very dangerous, just as it can for adults. Signs to watch for include very few wet diapers, dry mouth, a loss of appetite for milk and of course irritability. You know your baby, so lookout for changes that could signify that she is not coping well, systemically with the hot weather.

Right now, the little one is fast asleep in our air conditioned suite, and I think very releived to be out of the summer heat.

Stats Update: July 22, 2009

Still growing like a weed, we can almost see her grow day by day:

  • Weight: 5,720g (12lbs 10oz)
  • Height: 60cm (23.6″)
  • Head Size: 39cm (15.35″)

July 19: I have places to go

Some more tummy time, with Portia definitly showing a desire to go somewhere, even though the legs and arms are not really cooperating that well. A very determined little girl this one is, and at her current rate of development, definitly a trend setter.