Some new Professional Pictures of Portia

Portia in the MirrorYesterday we were fortunate enough to have a photo-shoot in our own home courtesy of Jessi from Pixelated Memories. It was a long session and Jessi managed to capture around 250 or more images.

Jessi sent over a few of the pictures that she had already post processed for us to have a look at, and this one is one of our favorites. We have a walk-through closet on the way to our en-suite that has mirrored doors, which is a magical place for a little 8-month old – she adores spending time there and playing with her reflection, so this makes an excellent place to take pictures. At just over 8 months, Portia has turned into a little busy bee that has learned to stand and will spend hours working her way around the furniture and anything she can lean against, as you can see from this picture.

We are super proud of our extremely happy little girl, although mummy and daddy to sometimes wish that she would crawl a little longer before taking her first steps, sigh…

Please visit Jessi’s blog to see more of Portia as well as the rest of her work. We would both strongly recommend contacting her if you would like to have pictures taken, she has a wonderful eye and a great way with the little ones.

And a quick plug for Jessi, if you like her work, fan her on Facebook, so you know where to look when you need a photographer…

Portia’s First Solid Food (Besides Sophie, That Is!)

After Portia had her last appointment, our doctor told me that Portia should start solid foods. She said this is very important to maintain and replenish the iron stores that she has most likely almost used up since birth.

Interesting Factoid: apparently when you are pregnant, a lot of the iron you take in goes right into the baby to create a store as they do not get a lot of iron from breast milk. As they approach 4–6 months, these iron stores are almost depleted.

Portia Eating Sophie

So, after some research into what to do, I decided to forgo the rice cereal, and start P with some actual fruits and veggies. I settled on the tastiest one of them all, (well out of the recommended starting veggies and fruits) the SWEET POTATO!

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Jolly Jumper’s Rock!!

After a super energetic recommendation from a friend about the delights of the Jolly Jumper, I decided to get one. I luckily found one for a very reasonable $20 on Craigslist. I got the one with the stand, so I could use it in my living room.

I set it up. Strapped her in. And waited for delight!

No delight.

Unfortunately, since Portia had never been in a Jolly Jumper, she had no idea how to work one. So mommy (I have no actual name anymore) starts bouncing around in front of her so she might get a hint how to use this marvelous contraption.

Still no bounce.

I then decide to gently bounce the chain connecting her to the frame in an up and down motion.

Still no bounce.

As I am trying to figure out how she will be able to figure it out, I hear the “ca-ching ca-ching” of the spring as she bounced! I turned around and found the bounce initiator…Conan the cat!

She gets so excited when she sees the cat, she naturally started to move, and then bounce, and now there is no turning back! She loves it. Oh, the people who invented the Jolly Jumper are near and dear to my heart. She now spends quite near to half her waking day in the Jolly Jumper, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing…

Conan thinks, "Portia is at perfect petting height"!

Conan thinks, "Portia is at perfect petting height"!

She gets so tired, but then gets mad when we take her out of it. I am sure this obsession will last for only one or two months, but that is one or two months that I will have a perma-smile on my face.

New in Baby Hairstyle Trends?

As most of you know…Portia was blessed with an amazing full head of hair when she was born. Thick and luxurious! And as time marched on, she did not seem to be losing any of it, which usually happens in babies.

Then I started to notice that you could gradually see more and more of her scalp. Max’s theory was that she had the same amount of hair, but it was spread over an ever bigger head. Then the back-of-head bald spot developed. So out came the selection of hats, so as not to embarrass her in public (kids can be so cruel).
Back of head bald spot
Well, now the inevitable has happened, she has started to lose large amounts of her hair. That wouldn’t be so bad, but it all seems to be from one side of her head.
Not so much

The other side still has enough hair to curl whimsically around her ear.
Lots of hair

Maybe this will start a new trend in baby hair design (or heaven forbid in ADULT hair design).

Here are some pictures, but please, no pointing and laughing.

Kushies… I love you!

Evil Arm vs. Extra Large Kushies

Evil Arm vs. Extra Large Kushies

So after realizing that Portia needs a bit more time to grow into her Woombie, I started my search in earnest, again, for larger receiving blankets.

Well, after checking every package of receiving blankets that I see every place I have gone for the last month or so, I finally found ones that are larger than the standard 30″ x 30″. They are made by Kushies and they are 35″ x 35″, they are massive!

Portia’s “evil arm” never had a chance! The blankets are not only larger, but super soft. They are made of 100% cotton flannel, and are nicely trimmed with kinda funky graphics. I ran into these receiving blankets at Walmart (so you know they were inexpensive).

Now, since the ratio for blanket:Portia is correct, I just have to make sure nothing changes. (NB. Stay tuned for how quick this ratio will change!)

Portia gets her big baby bed…

Portia has been sleeping in a Safety 1st Play Yard (by Dorel), however at the rate she is growing she is rapidly approaching the load-limit of the bassinet that accompanies the Play Yard. Also, the copy that we bought her has a miss-stitched seam on the bassinet, and Dorel have been horrible at replacing it, first telling us it would take six weeks, and now having a different story every time we call them, we are now at the point at which we have been asked to send in the original purchase receipt, so that they can “have that on file” when they eventually get around to replacing our Play Yard. Pathetic service – however more about that in another post. [Read more…]

July 19: I have places to go

Some more tummy time, with Portia definitly showing a desire to go somewhere, even though the legs and arms are not really cooperating that well. A very determined little girl this one is, and at her current rate of development, definitly a trend setter.



July 18: Little Pink Miss

The little one loves sitting in a chair where she can watch the world go by, so we set up this breast feeding pillow on a chair, and placed her bum in that so that she would not slide down. This is the expression she has forever, and it only changes when evil hand sneaks into view and smacks her in the eye :-)

Little Miss in her view chair...

July 16, 2009: Tummy Time

Some cute pictures of the little one today, on her tummy, holding her head up and excitedly as she tries to move herself forward on the bed, with only her legs. She has been getting more and more excited at doing this every day.

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Portia Enjoying the Outdoors…

Portia enjoying being outside...

Portia enjoying being outside...

Portia has a very crabby day today.  It was hot, over 30C (almost 90F) inVancouver today, and she just does not seem to deal well with the heat, additionally, she has just reached that age where babies suddenly start having only one bowel movement a week, and today was her day, so she spent most of the day being pretty uncomfortable and gassy leading up to the “event”. [Read more…]