Jolly Jumper’s Rock!!

After a super energetic recommendation from a friend about the delights of the Jolly Jumper, I decided to get one. I luckily found one for a very reasonable $20 on Craigslist. I got the one with the stand, so I could use it in my living room.

I set it up. Strapped her in. And waited for delight!

No delight.

Unfortunately, since Portia had never been in a Jolly Jumper, she had no idea how to work one. So mommy (I have no actual name anymore) starts bouncing around in front of her so she might get a hint how to use this marvelous contraption.

Still no bounce.

I then decide to gently bounce the chain connecting her to the frame in an up and down motion.

Still no bounce.

As I am trying to figure out how she will be able to figure it out, I hear the “ca-ching ca-ching” of the spring as she bounced! I turned around and found the bounce initiator…Conan the cat!

She gets so excited when she sees the cat, she naturally started to move, and then bounce, and now there is no turning back! She loves it. Oh, the people who invented the Jolly Jumper are near and dear to my heart. She now spends quite near to half her waking day in the Jolly Jumper, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing…

Conan thinks, "Portia is at perfect petting height"!

Conan thinks, "Portia is at perfect petting height"!

She gets so tired, but then gets mad when we take her out of it. I am sure this obsession will last for only one or two months, but that is one or two months that I will have a perma-smile on my face.

A night in Vancouver International

Last night we were due to fly to Chicago out of Vancouver on a red-eye leaving at 11:30. Of course, fate and a new baby conspired against us, and we arrived after the flight had closed. Fortunately we ran into a super helpful United employee, and he arranged for us to be on the next flight leaving at 6:30am this morning. We decided to spend the night in the airport, as we live more than an hour from the airport, and yesterday was the HSBC Festival Of Lights in Vancouver, so that would have made traffic incredibly congested, and with check in opening at 4:00am, there was hardly any point to driving back.

Portia Spending the night on mommy in Vancouver Airport

Portia Spending the night on mommy in Vancouver Airport

Sleeping in an airport with our new baby was challenging to us though, however after finding a nice long padded couch in the international arrivals hall where they had dimmed the lights, it was great, and Portia fell right asleep on her mommy’s tummy. Not such an easy sleep for her parents though, as you feel horribly exposed with a baby sleeping in a public place and are constantly aware – perhaps a bit of paranoia thrown in as well – that you may drift off and someone may take the baby.

Around 2am, a security guard at the airport woke us, and suggested that we move to the airport’s nursery. Now I never knew that Vancouver International had a nursery. It is a small room with a couple of cribs and most importantly you can lock the door and withe the cribs, you can get some sleep yourself, knowing that no-one can come in and that baby is safely contained in a crib.

I would strongly recommend that anyone with an infant having to spend time in YVR ask a security guard for access to the nursery.

I am finally purging my maternity wear!

I have finally decided to clean out my closet and get rid of all my maternity clothes.  I am hoping if we have another baby that will give me an excuse to go shopping again!  I think its a pretty good deal… I am charging $40 for the lot, and it includes:

  • 1 Old Navy dress (size Small)
  • 1 Old Navy jeans (size Medium)
  • 2 Pair yoga-style pants (both Small)
  • I hoodie
  • 6 Long sleeve tops
  • 7 short-sleeve/tube top/halter top

I was a size 6 before pregnancy (5’6 tall). There is a nice selection, both dressy and casual items, and they are all from a clean non-smoking home. They are all in great condition, except the blue top which has a small stain on the arm. I have posted these on (my favourite website to buy and sell) Craigslist.  If you are interested, leave a comment with your email, or reply to my craigslist ad and I will get back to you.