Peaceful baby on a flight

Portia Sleeping in Denver Airport

Portia Sleeping in Denver Airport

We have just returned from Chicago for a family wedding, and I have to confess, I was really concerned about how Portia would cope with the flight, particularly the pressure changes. She is a really good baby, however, she is still very little and placing a baby in that environment for a long time must be stressful?

Turns out she is the best flier ever, falling asleep shortly after we buckled in and waking up only as we started to walk up the Jetway after the flight after landing in Chicago. As a precaution we did breastfeed her during the takeoff, to make sure that she could equalize the pressure, but during landing she was not even interested in a finger in her mouth, she was in such a deep sleep.

My only concern during a long flight with her would be de-hydration. Aircraft seems to have fairly dry air, and I think she may become dehydrated during the flight if she does not feed every few hours. Fortunately a flight to Chicago is still not too long at around 4 hours, however a trans-Atlantic flight may be a different story.

Portia’s Birth Story

So, I thought I would post my Birth Story here for posterity:

I went into/thought I went into labor on Monday morning at 1AM. I had just lost the “mucous plug” and the contractions started about every 10minutes, and progressed within the hour to every 3 minutes. I packed up SO and headed to the Lions Gate Hospital Maternity Unit. After being examined there, the Doctor’s concluded that although I was totally effaced, and I was having contractions, I had not dilated at all! After some discussion, they sent me home to labor more in the comfort of home – a good thing as I think I was far more relaxed at home – and they suggested that since I was not dilated at all, that I take a shot of Morphine so that I could get some more rest. [Read more…]