H1N1, Anyone?

H1 N1 VirusSo here in Canada, they are telling everyone to get the immunization for the Swine Flu. However, depending on your health status, you either get it sooner or later. Canada has assured us that even though you may be at the bottom of their “eligibility list”, there will still be enough vaccine as Glaxo-Smith Kline has promised there will be.

This however, did not stop people, otherwise healthy with NO underlying conditions of any sort from queue-jumping when the clinics opened for the first time. This apparently cause some very hurt feelings and from what I hear a bit of anger. Maybe I am out of sync with how serious this is, as I never thought of trying to pass myself off as a pregnant woman or elderly man in order to qualify.

It does scare me that people are dying from this flu, and dying quickly from most reports, but people also die from a lot of other illnesses everyday. As it stands right now, no one in our household is able to get the vaccine until the final week (yes, even Portia as she is a month short of qualifying for the next group). I am not sure if they think that six month olds have an impressive social life that requires getting a vaccine, where as five month olds are home bodies? Should I stop going out? Should I make Portia wear a mask? Should I proceed to order that family-sized allergen free bubble?

I think I will follow common sense, and wash my hands often, and not visit friends who are sick, etc. (Sorry guys, no chicken soup from me)

In the end, it may not matter if I think I should get the vaccine or not, as Glaxo Smith Kline has now said they have not been able to produce it as fast as they originally thought, which means they will have to delay immunizing people until the vaccine is available. They now say by Christmas they hope to have everyone done.

I know Portia would be fine with not getting this vaccine if it was up to her, she is tired of the jabs in her leg… poor little girl.

*I will keep you updated about our quest and if we end up getting it (the vaccine or the Flu).

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