Stats Update: September 21, 2009

She is almost surpassing Conan, I must take a picture to compare how many "Conans" big she is. These measurements were taken during her four month immunizations. Weight: 8075g (17lbs, 13 oz) Height: 66cm (26") … [Continue reading]

Kushies… I love you!

Evil Arm vs. Extra Large Kushies

So after realizing that Portia needs a bit more time to grow into her Woombie, I started my search in earnest, again, for larger receiving blankets. Well, after checking every package of receiving blankets that I see every place I have gone for … [Continue reading]

Woombie Swaddler Review!

Portia tries out her Woombie for the first time.

After blogging about ordering a Woombie Swaddler for our Baby Houdini a couple days back, the Woombie Swaddler finally arrived from Amazon.COM, so here is my initial review of the Woombie Swaddler! After picking it up (mid afternoon), we … [Continue reading]

Houdini Baby Proof Swaddler

Well, our little bundle of joy, as she has been getting older has become more and more adept at unswaddling herself from her regular receiving blanket swaddle. Then a few minutes later, she will be moving around her crib, propelled by her legs and … [Continue reading]

Stats Update: August 20, 2009

Her growth seems almost exponential! Weight: 6,765g (14lbs 14 oz) Height: 62cm (24.4") No head measurement...but trust me, it's big! … [Continue reading]

First Immunization

Showing off her jab wounds

This morning Portia had her immunization at Fraser Valley Health. She did really well even as the needles went in, and then just started to sob uncontrollably. Poor poor little girl. Fortunately she quickly forgot the moment and was soon smiling … [Continue reading]

Portia gets her big baby bed…

Our little swaddled and sleeping peacfully in her new Gulliver crib

Portia has been sleeping in a Safety 1st Play Yard (by Dorel), however at the rate she is growing she is rapidly approaching the load-limit of the bassinet that accompanies the Play Yard. Also, the copy that we bought her has a miss-stitched seam on … [Continue reading]

Peaceful baby on a flight


We have just returned from Chicago for a family wedding, and I have to confess, I was really concerned about how Portia would cope with the flight, particularly the pressure changes. She is a really good baby, however, she is still very little and … [Continue reading]

A night in Vancouver International

Portia Spending the night on mommy in Vancouver Airport

Last night we were due to fly to Chicago out of Vancouver on a red-eye leaving at 11:30. Of course, fate and a new baby conspired against us, and we arrived after the flight had closed. Fortunately we ran into a super helpful United employee, and he … [Continue reading]

Record Temperature in Vancouver Today

Today was hot! Several areas in the lower mainland have set new record temperatures according to the Candian Weather Office. Portia does not do hot, I have come to realize, which makes me wonder how babies from other climates where it is routinely … [Continue reading]