Portia’s First Solid Food (Besides Sophie, That Is!)

After Portia had her last appointment, our doctor told me that Portia should start solid foods. She said this is very important to maintain and replenish the iron stores that she has most likely almost used up since birth.

Interesting Factoid: apparently when you are pregnant, a lot of the iron you take in goes right into the baby to create a store as they do not get a lot of iron from breast milk. As they approach 4–6 months, these iron stores are almost depleted.

Portia Eating Sophie

So, after some research into what to do, I decided to forgo the rice cereal, and start P with some actual fruits and veggies. I settled on the tastiest one of them all, (well out of the recommended starting veggies and fruits) the SWEET POTATO!

I gathered all the necessary provisions, including: soft plastic spoons, a blender, a high chair (amazing $20 Craigslist find), Sophie (P’s best friend), some bibs and last but not least… A SWEET POTATO!

Portia in her High ChairP’s first introduction to eating something other than breast milk, her hands, Sophie, or random dangly toys, was to be strapped into her new high chair. It is a Fisher Price Healthy Start high chair that I am so pleased to say I got used bypassing the usual approximate $100 price tag. I strapped her in and clicked on the tray and watched the smile on Portia’s face grow! She has never been so high in her life… she could see out the window to watch the construction men across the street, she could see into the kitchen through the pass through to find out what mommy was doing, she could even stare at the dining room floor, but from farther away!

The ewe face, sweet potato, what is that..I figured I would just boil the sweet potato and then blend it up to a smooth consistency. I would eat it… but would she? Well, she was definitely interested, that’s for sure. She wanted to grab the spoon and grab the bowl. But then, she realized the food was headed towards her mouth. She got ultra excited, until that first taste. She pulled an “ewwww” face and shuddered. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Then she opened her mouth for more. Made the same shudder. Opened. Shuddered. Opened. Shuddered. You get the picture. She made it through about two ounces of sweet potato!Hmm, Sweet Potato!

Overall, she loved her first eating experience (all but the actual food I think). After a couple of days of this, we are on to either avocado or banana. I will decide when I see what difference the sweet potatoes made to her diapers.

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