Portia’s First Tooth!!!

Our little girl is growing up!

I can hardly believe it. After a very stressful night of Portia waking up every hour and a half and nursing a bit and then sleeping for another hour and a half, Portia’s first tooth pushed its way through her tender gums.

From stories of first teeth that I have read, it is a trying time where the baby screams, becomes feverish and does not sleep, but aside from the waking every 90 minutes, P displayed none of those things. She never had a fever, and wasn’t really that fussy. So you can imagine my surprise the following morning, when I felt a razor sharp little growth on the bottom as she tried to “yarm” my finger. For the rest of the day, she carefully managed to gnaw on every toy, until she could feel the impact her new tooth had on her “yarming” abilities.

The impact it had on me was one of fear. “She is going to want to nurse soon”, I thought, as a tiny sweat broke out on my brow. “It won’t be that bad”, I told myself. In the distance I heard the ‘squeak, squeak”, as Portia navigated her tooth stub over Sophie.

When the time came, it wasn’t that bad, in fact I didn’t feel a thing. A sigh of relief escaped from my mouth, until I realized that when she is feeding, her tongue covers the bottom tooth dagger and protects my “delicate areas” from looking like a cherry jelly bean that got caught in a SlapChop (Vince never mentioned that one)!

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga…”Do Top Teeth = Weaning?”

Jolly Jumper’s Rock!!

After a super energetic recommendation from a friend about the delights of the Jolly Jumper, I decided to get one. I luckily found one for a very reasonable $20 on Craigslist. I got the one with the stand, so I could use it in my living room.

I set it up. Strapped her in. And waited for delight!

No delight.

Unfortunately, since Portia had never been in a Jolly Jumper, she had no idea how to work one. So mommy (I have no actual name anymore) starts bouncing around in front of her so she might get a hint how to use this marvelous contraption.

Still no bounce.

I then decide to gently bounce the chain connecting her to the frame in an up and down motion.

Still no bounce.

As I am trying to figure out how she will be able to figure it out, I hear the “ca-ching ca-ching” of the spring as she bounced! I turned around and found the bounce initiator…Conan the cat!

She gets so excited when she sees the cat, she naturally started to move, and then bounce, and now there is no turning back! She loves it. Oh, the people who invented the Jolly Jumper are near and dear to my heart. She now spends quite near to half her waking day in the Jolly Jumper, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing…

Conan thinks, "Portia is at perfect petting height"!

Conan thinks, "Portia is at perfect petting height"!

She gets so tired, but then gets mad when we take her out of it. I am sure this obsession will last for only one or two months, but that is one or two months that I will have a perma-smile on my face.

Baby Get Dummer Watching Baby Einstein?

So for a long time I thought Portia’s drooling was just cause she was a baby…well, it may have a different cause…BABY EINSTEIN!

Apparently, the videos I have long thought to be intellectual development tools for early baby education and super intelligence have been exposed as the mindless videos they are. For some reason, although TV has long been thought of as a no-no for babies, toddlers and anyone else who is trying to expand their brain, the Baby Einstein brand has been largely exempt from criticism for their line of DVDs.

I must admit, I fell into their marketing scheme and was more than pleasantly surprised when gifted with a Baby’s First Moves DVD. I thought that as smart as Portia clearly was already (with parents like us), she is going to be gifted beyond reproach with the help of this DVD.

Well, much like when I ask her why she has so much gas, she stared blankly at the screen as the colours and shapes danced before her eyes. Even then, I was convinced that she is subliminally learning something to delight us with at a slightly older age.

Then, I read this…


Apparently, the claims of higher intelligence are “misleading” and “exaggerated”, and NO TV is good for kids under two years. So along with Baby Einstein, I guess there will be no more Sid the Science Kid, Super Why or Curious George for Portia. And when she is old enough and asks me about what she used to do for fun when she was a baby, I will say “You played with clay” and completely ignore all references to the bad mom I have been for letting her indulge in TV.

So, for those of you in the US (which does not include me), who would like to be insignificantly compensated for the months of believing your child would be the one to solve world hunger, you can now return your DVDs (up to a maximum of four) and receive a refund of $15.99 each.

And in six to eight weeks, when your refund cheque arrives, you can take that money and apply it to something to counteract the effects of those DVDs…lots of bibs!

Portia gets her big baby bed…

Portia has been sleeping in a Safety 1st Play Yard (by Dorel), however at the rate she is growing she is rapidly approaching the load-limit of the bassinet that accompanies the Play Yard. Also, the copy that we bought her has a miss-stitched seam on the bassinet, and Dorel have been horrible at replacing it, first telling us it would take six weeks, and now having a different story every time we call them, we are now at the point at which we have been asked to send in the original purchase receipt, so that they can “have that on file” when they eventually get around to replacing our Play Yard. Pathetic service – however more about that in another post. [Read more…]

Another gassy day!

Finally out of gas

Finally out of gas

Portia started out the day peacefully, sleeping in and then after her morning feed, went right back to bed.  We are currently looking for a larger apartment as our huge Vancouver one-bed-roomed condo is really not big enough for 2 people, an obese large boned orange cat and Portia, so much so that we had to wake her to put her into her car seat. I hate waking her, as she looks so serene when she is sleeping, but we had to meet with a prospective landlord, so no changing that. [Read more…]

Our first Passport

Portia’s passport arrived this morning, after a 5 day wait, after receiving notification that it was ready to collect from the depot in 7-11 in Burnaby, because something went amis with Canadapost and presumably the item never made it into the system in the depot.  Anyway, passport was found yesterday after some phone calls to Canadapost’s hotline.  I will post a picture of her passport photo soon, it is actually superb, considering it was taken at less than a month old!!

Portia always turns her head to the right when sleeping

We have recently noticed that Portia always sleeps with her head turned to the right. We have both been very careful to ensure that she does get enough tummy time so that her head does not become miss-shapen. In spite of all of this we have noticed that she has developed a flat spot on her head. We are now very careful to make sure that after she has fallen asleep we turn her head the other way.

Will se how this works to prevent the condition progressing, as it can degrade to a severely miss-shapen head and muscular issues — a condition known as Torticollis, that would require physical therapy and possibly a helmet or band to correct the miss-shapen head. Our doctor suggested that we should be able to reverse the condition at this early stage by simply being aware how we position her, for example, we position her crib so that all the visually interesting objects are located so she has to turn her head in the opposite direction. Hopefully being aware of this, will help us to reverse the process…

Portia’s first international trip…

Today was a big day for Portia, since she had just received her birth certificate, and it was a nice sunny day, we decided to head south to the USA to do some grocery shopping in Bellingham and buy some gas (which incidentally is still way cheaper in the US than in Canada, even given the conversion rate and the higher oil price). [Read more…]

Day 8: Just a quiet day at home…

Lotion for some dry feet!

Lotion for some dry feet!

Portia had a nice quiet day today, consisting mainly of sleeping and eating. She is beginning to settle into her routing so nicely now.  We mailed off her registration forms today.  It is quite a simple process, as the registration form and application for a birth certificate is all one document, and there is a check box on the form you can check and then the SIN number application process is done for you. [Read more…]

Day 4: First day home…

First Day Home

First Day Home

Waking up this morning was an interesting experience, since the last time sleeping in this apartment there was only 3 of us (counting Mr Cat of course as he is part of the family).

Little one had a really good night, and slept well, feeding comfortably every 3 hours, and sleeping quietly for the rest of it.  She is still so minute, holding her and then holding the cat, makes him look like a lion.  Little one is looking like a very cute lion in this picture though.