Some new Professional Pictures of Portia

Portia in the MirrorYesterday we were fortunate enough to have a photo-shoot in our own home courtesy of Jessi from Pixelated Memories. It was a long session and Jessi managed to capture around 250 or more images.

Jessi sent over a few of the pictures that she had already post processed for us to have a look at, and this one is one of our favorites. We have a walk-through closet on the way to our en-suite that has mirrored doors, which is a magical place for a little 8-month old – she adores spending time there and playing with her reflection, so this makes an excellent place to take pictures. At just over 8 months, Portia has turned into a little busy bee that has learned to stand and will spend hours working her way around the furniture and anything she can lean against, as you can see from this picture.

We are super proud of our extremely happy little girl, although mummy and daddy to sometimes wish that she would crawl a little longer before taking her first steps, sigh…

Please visit Jessi’s blog to see more of Portia as well as the rest of her work. We would both strongly recommend contacting her if you would like to have pictures taken, she has a wonderful eye and a great way with the little ones.

And a quick plug for Jessi, if you like her work, fan her on Facebook, so you know where to look when you need a photographer…

Woombie Swaddler Review!

Portia tries out her Woombie for the first time.

Portia tries out her Woombie for the first time.

After blogging about ordering a Woombie Swaddler for our Baby Houdini a couple days back, the Woombie Swaddler finally arrived from Amazon.COM, so here is my initial review of the Woombie Swaddler!

After picking it up (mid afternoon), we patiently awaited her first yawn, so we could stick her in it. The first yawn happened as we were having dinner, so we put aside our Hamburger Helper and rushed into the bedroom to wrap our little girl into her new baby straight jacket.

I thought we might have to fight to get her into it, but to my slight disappointment, she just lay there whilst I “Woombified” her. Once I zipped her in it, she looked a little confused as she flailed her arms still contained in the cocoon-like encasement. After not one peep, I set her in her crib and closed the door.

Both of us had one eye on the clock, mentally counting down the minutes until we were sure she would be asleep so we could check on her. I finally broke the silence after about 15 minutes and rushed in. Well, there she was, in her Woombie, happy and asleep. Although, judging by the shapes jutting out of the Woombie, I am pretty sure she was sleeping with her arms behind her head.

Although she is usually a good little night sleeper, we have been trying to find a way to keep her swaddled. Well, its true, she did not escape this one! In fact, she stayed nice and warm and I could even feed her when she woke without unzipping her. Judging by the positions I would find her in when I would check on her periodically, she had a great range of motion. We would sometimes even hear her legs thumping back down on the mattress after completing her “exercises”. She really seems to like her new sleeping contraption.

The one thing we did notice however, is that after her first five hour sleep, she woke about every hour and a half after that and then would fuss for twenty minutes before drifting off to sleep again. She usually is only up for a quick snack every three or four hours and then back to bed immediately. Could her new range of motions be “too freeing”? I tried her in it again on the next night, with the same result…no escape, but waking more often. Hmmm….

So I examined the Woombie. I examined my daughter. I examined my daughter IN the Woombie. And I have come to this conclusion…although we bought the “Big Baby” size Woombie (and she IS big, don’t get me wrong), I think it is still too large for her. It is giving her more motion than she has ever been able to have and she is playing now. She is even able to stretch her hands up to her mouth to suck them through the Woombie!

This is a great product, and it will work for us well, but I think we need to wait until she fills it out more to slightly limit her movement before she will benefit from the true snug fitting reassurance. Until then, it is still great for her daytime naps. %trackback%

July 18: Little Pink Miss

The little one loves sitting in a chair where she can watch the world go by, so we set up this breast feeding pillow on a chair, and placed her bum in that so that she would not slide down. This is the expression she has forever, and it only changes when evil hand sneaks into view and smacks her in the eye :-)

Little Miss in her view chair...


Meet the Portiasaurus...

Meet the Portiasaurus...

So good to wake up to a rainy morning in Vancouver, not something I thought I would easily say.  Portia was fast asleep, and slept in quite late today after having suffered a lot in the heat of the past weekend.

Today she was just a happy content little one, who spent most of the day sleeping on her mommy.   She is growing so fast, I am so sad to have to go to work in the morning and to miss out on her day…