Some new Professional Pictures of Portia

Portia in the MirrorYesterday we were fortunate enough to have a photo-shoot in our own home courtesy of Jessi from Pixelated Memories. It was a long session and Jessi managed to capture around 250 or more images.

Jessi sent over a few of the pictures that she had already post processed for us to have a look at, and this one is one of our favorites. We have a walk-through closet on the way to our en-suite that has mirrored doors, which is a magical place for a little 8-month old – she adores spending time there and playing with her reflection, so this makes an excellent place to take pictures. At just over 8 months, Portia has turned into a little busy bee that has learned to stand and will spend hours working her way around the furniture and anything she can lean against, as you can see from this picture.

We are super proud of our extremely happy little girl, although mummy and daddy to sometimes wish that she would crawl a little longer before taking her first steps, sigh…

Please visit Jessi’s blog to see more of Portia as well as the rest of her work. We would both strongly recommend contacting her if you would like to have pictures taken, she has a wonderful eye and a great way with the little ones.

And a quick plug for Jessi, if you like her work, fan her on Facebook, so you know where to look when you need a photographer…

H1N1, Anyone?

H1 N1 VirusSo here in Canada, they are telling everyone to get the immunization for the Swine Flu. However, depending on your health status, you either get it sooner or later. Canada has assured us that even though you may be at the bottom of their “eligibility list”, there will still be enough vaccine as Glaxo-Smith Kline has promised there will be.

This however, did not stop people, otherwise healthy with NO underlying conditions of any sort from queue-jumping when the clinics opened for the first time. This apparently cause some very hurt feelings and from what I hear a bit of anger. Maybe I am out of sync with how serious this is, as I never thought of trying to pass myself off as a pregnant woman or elderly man in order to qualify.

It does scare me that people are dying from this flu, and dying quickly from most reports, but people also die from a lot of other illnesses everyday. As it stands right now, no one in our household is able to get the vaccine until the final week (yes, even Portia as she is a month short of qualifying for the next group). I am not sure if they think that six month olds have an impressive social life that requires getting a vaccine, where as five month olds are home bodies? Should I stop going out? Should I make Portia wear a mask? Should I proceed to order that family-sized allergen free bubble?

I think I will follow common sense, and wash my hands often, and not visit friends who are sick, etc. (Sorry guys, no chicken soup from me)

In the end, it may not matter if I think I should get the vaccine or not, as Glaxo Smith Kline has now said they have not been able to produce it as fast as they originally thought, which means they will have to delay immunizing people until the vaccine is available. They now say by Christmas they hope to have everyone done.

I know Portia would be fine with not getting this vaccine if it was up to her, she is tired of the jabs in her leg… poor little girl.

*I will keep you updated about our quest and if we end up getting it (the vaccine or the Flu).

Portia Enjoying the Outdoors…

Portia enjoying being outside...

Portia enjoying being outside...

Portia has a very crabby day today.  It was hot, over 30C (almost 90F) inVancouver today, and she just does not seem to deal well with the heat, additionally, she has just reached that age where babies suddenly start having only one bowel movement a week, and today was her day, so she spent most of the day being pretty uncomfortable and gassy leading up to the “event”. [Read more…]

I am finally purging my maternity wear!

I have finally decided to clean out my closet and get rid of all my maternity clothes.  I am hoping if we have another baby that will give me an excuse to go shopping again!  I think its a pretty good deal… I am charging $40 for the lot, and it includes:

  • 1 Old Navy dress (size Small)
  • 1 Old Navy jeans (size Medium)
  • 2 Pair yoga-style pants (both Small)
  • I hoodie
  • 6 Long sleeve tops
  • 7 short-sleeve/tube top/halter top

I was a size 6 before pregnancy (5’6 tall). There is a nice selection, both dressy and casual items, and they are all from a clean non-smoking home. They are all in great condition, except the blue top which has a small stain on the arm. I have posted these on (my favourite website to buy and sell) Craigslist.  If you are interested, leave a comment with your email, or reply to my craigslist ad and I will get back to you.

Another gassy day!

Finally out of gas

Finally out of gas

Portia started out the day peacefully, sleeping in and then after her morning feed, went right back to bed.  We are currently looking for a larger apartment as our huge Vancouver one-bed-roomed condo is really not big enough for 2 people, an obese large boned orange cat and Portia, so much so that we had to wake her to put her into her car seat. I hate waking her, as she looks so serene when she is sleeping, but we had to meet with a prospective landlord, so no changing that. [Read more…]

Day 8: Just a quiet day at home…

Lotion for some dry feet!

Lotion for some dry feet!

Portia had a nice quiet day today, consisting mainly of sleeping and eating. She is beginning to settle into her routing so nicely now.  We mailed off her registration forms today.  It is quite a simple process, as the registration form and application for a birth certificate is all one document, and there is a check box on the form you can check and then the SIN number application process is done for you. [Read more…]

Day 6: Life is Amazing…

Incredible! Can just look at you all day!

Incredible! Can just look at you all day!

Portia’s first Sunday at home.  I have had this fear of the lack of sleep, and the utter confusion that happens with a new born at home, the incessant crying and the feeling of helplessness at being unable to do something that would help her not cry, but Portia has so far turned out to be the most content baby in the world. [Read more…]

Portia’s Birth Story

So, I thought I would post my Birth Story here for posterity:

I went into/thought I went into labor on Monday morning at 1AM. I had just lost the “mucous plug” and the contractions started about every 10minutes, and progressed within the hour to every 3 minutes. I packed up SO and headed to the Lions Gate Hospital Maternity Unit. After being examined there, the Doctor’s concluded that although I was totally effaced, and I was having contractions, I had not dilated at all! After some discussion, they sent me home to labor more in the comfort of home – a good thing as I think I was far more relaxed at home – and they suggested that since I was not dilated at all, that I take a shot of Morphine so that I could get some more rest. [Read more…]

Day 4: First day home…

First Day Home

First Day Home

Waking up this morning was an interesting experience, since the last time sleeping in this apartment there was only 3 of us (counting Mr Cat of course as he is part of the family).

Little one had a really good night, and slept well, feeding comfortably every 3 hours, and sleeping quietly for the rest of it.  She is still so minute, holding her and then holding the cat, makes him look like a lion.  Little one is looking like a very cute lion in this picture though.

Day 3: A journey home…

Someone meets his new sister

Someone meets his new sister

The little one, still unnamed and known only as Baby Girl Walters makes her first journey home, with awkward parents, who have no idea how to use a car seat, and even less of an idea of what to do with the little one that has just entrusted the rest of her life to them. [Read more…]