Hi there! This is Vince from slap chop your going to be in a great mood all day because I’m going to do something about that smell! Has your cat died recently? Or not recently and now it’s starting to stink up your house? Have no fear because I will come to your home and take away that stinky ol’ thing. That’s right. I am going collecting any pet the size of a cat or smaller! So if your not in the mood to dig that hole in your back yard for Garfield and friends then let me take care of it for you!

Email me back as soon as your pet dies!

Ps. as insane as you think I am I’m being serious. except for the vince from slap chop part. he is in jail for beating up a prostitute. gimme your dead pet.

Vince from SlapChop fame, or not, this guy is far too upbeat about “disposing of dead pets”.