Stats Update: December 15, 2009

At six and a half months, Portia has kept her growth curve going with some outstanding results. She is now “off the chart” for weight and at the 100th percentile for height! Extraordinary!

Height: 71.5 cm (28.1″)
Weight: 9.78kg (21lbs 8oz)

Stats Update: November 2, 2009

Portia is now five months (and a bit). She is simply becoming “huge”!

Weight: 9140g (20lbs, 2 oz)
Height: 71.5cm (28″)
Head Circumference: 43.3cm (17″)

Her doctor said she is still above the 97th percentile for growth, but that she is following her own growth arc. Apparently this means, that instead of being a “fat baby”, she is just a younger “tall woman”, if that makes sense.

And as promised, a new picture of her growth, based on the “Conan-o-meter”.

I would say she is 1.2 Conans long!

I would say she is 1.2 Conans long!

Stats Update: September 21, 2009

She is almost surpassing Conan, I must take a picture to compare how many “Conans” big she is.

These measurements were taken during her four month immunizations.

Weight: 8075g (17lbs, 13 oz)
Height: 66cm (26″)

Stats Update: August 20, 2009

Her growth seems almost exponential!

Weight: 6,765g (14lbs 14 oz)
Height: 62cm (24.4″)

No head measurement…but trust me, it’s big!

Stats Update: July 22, 2009

Still growing like a weed, we can almost see her grow day by day:

  • Weight: 5,720g (12lbs 10oz)
  • Height: 60cm (23.6″)
  • Head Size: 39cm (15.35″)

Stats Update: July 14, 2009

Portia is still doing superbly latest updates:

  • Weight: 5,556g (12lbs 4oz)
  • Length: 58cm (22.83″)
  • Head Size: 39cm (15.35″)

Stats Update: June 30, 2009

This morning was Portia’s fortnightly follow up visit to the Lions Gate Maternity Clinic.  The doctors were suitably impressed her stats are:

  • Weght:  11lb 4oz (5.10kg)
  • Length: 22.83 inches (58cm)

The little monster is clearly eating and growing well. She is putting on a little over an ounce a day.

Stats Update: June 30, 2009

Time for a two-weekly checkup at the clinic. Portia is going well, and still putting on weight at a slightly above average rate:

  • Weight: 5,250g (11lbs 9oz)
  • Length: 58cm (22.83″)
  • Head Size: 39cm (14.46″)

Stats Update: June 16, 2009

Another clinic appointment this morning, she is putting on weight perfectly!

  • Weight: 4,195g (9lbs 4oz)
  • Length: 57cm (22½”)
  • Head Size: 37cm (14½”)

Stats Update: June 1, 2009

Weight: 3,972g (8lbs 12oz)